The Book

What They Don't Know (2015), a collection of short fiction by Jo-Anne Rosen, is available at Createspace or Amazon as well as in Kindle and Smashwords editions. It can also be borrowed from the Sonoma County library in print and electronic editions.

What They Don't Know: Selected Fiction. Jo-Anne H. Rosen

Long and short fiction published in journals, print and on-line, and in an anthology. Some of these stories also sppear in What They Don't Know: Selected Fiction.

Novel (in progress)

Embark, A Map of the Mind (opening pages), July 2017


Poydras Review, “The Nymphs at the Vagabond Motel,"
    forthcoming in April 2018
Five on the Fifth,The Dude Who Stole Her New Shoes," Vol. 3, Issue 1,
    November 5, 2017
The Rush,
The Vase," June 2017
Valparaiso Fiction Review, Learning a Language," Vol. 6, Issue 2, May 2017
Lime Hawk,Loma Prieta Bridgework,” Issue 11, February 2017
Pithead Chapel,Miss Kelly Citation Tire,” February 2014+
Prick of the Spindle, “Body Parts,” Vol. 7.1, March 2013*+ (click to read Body Parts as a pdf).
The Summerset Review,The Luckiest Man Alive,” Fall 2010+
95% Naked (anthology edited by Dan Coshnear), “Soap,” 2010
The Dickens, “A Devil of a Girl,” 2000+
The Dickens, “Boondocks,” 2001+
Other Voices, “Each After Its Kind,” 1989 (reprint: chapbooks-online), 2010+
The Florida Review, “Intruders,” 1988 (reprint: Redux, #129, May 2014)+
Room of One’s Own, “What They Don’t Know,” 1986+

Flash Fiction

The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries
   (edited by Marlene Cullen), “All the Little Savages,” October 2017
Peacock Journal,
Chins Up,” January 2017
Panoplyzine,Mother's Day,” May 2016
The Adroit Journal, Liberating,” 2013
Flashquake, “Long Shadows Cast by Mars,” Vol. 9, Issue 2, Winter 2010*
   (reprinted in The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries,
   October 2017)
Penhouse Ink, Vol. 4: Refractions, “Effortless,” 2006
Bust Out, “Kindred Spirits,” Spring 2005*
Bust Out, “After the Revolution,” Summer 2004*
Bust Out, “Silences,” Winter 2004*
Penhouse Ink, Vol. 3: Remembering Our Future, “Give Us This Day,” 2004
Roman Candles, “So Small an Outrage,” 2004* (reprinted in The Write Spot to
   Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries
, October 2017)

*Journal website now off-line
+Also published in What They Don't Know: Selected Fiction